2015: Pay Dirt


Pay Dirt placed teams in a mine scenario in which robots were tasked with collecting various minerals and sorting them into bins. Robots used many types of manipulators and cargo containers to collect and transport the game pieces. This game put an economical spin to harvesting natural resources, as market shift changed the value of the minerals throughout the season based on how much was “mined.”  The objective was efficiently harvesting the most valuable resources to score the most points.

Game Ranking

1st Place: #93

2nd Place: #118

3rd Place: #119

4th Place: #95


The Al George Award: Wheeler High School

The Software Design and Simulation Award: South Forsyth High School

The Most Robust Award: Wheeler High School

The Founder’s Award: Lassiter High School

Game Info
BEST Files: Detailed field drawings, CAD models, and other good stuff.
BEST Q&A: Ask questions, stay up to date on rules clarifications, and laugh at the silliness.
Game rules: Rules, scoring, and market-shift.