Meet the Planning Committee

Photo taken at BEST Kickoff 2017

Director: Dr. Debi Huffman

Debi Huffman, Director, Georgia BEST, Aeronautics Instructor at Fernbank Science Center, Fernbank LINKS Faculty Advisor. Debi has been on this journey with students since 1973. She was doing STEM when STEM wasn't a "word!" Working with the best students from Metro Atlanta and beyond is a gift. They keep her motivated and energized!

Willie Angew

Willie Agnew competed in BEST, FRC, and other competitions on LINKS from 2009-2013, finishing as CEO of LINKS. He then studied computer science, math, and physics at GT. He is currently getting his PhD in computer science at University of Washington as an NDSEG fellow, focusing on AI. He enjoys volunteering at FLL, FTC, FRC, and BEST competitions in roles that let him interact with all of the amazing robots and people.

Yoni Bachar

Matthew Barulic

A alumnus of The Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science, Matthew is a member of RoboJackets in addition to the Planning Committee.

Grant Champagne

Grant Champagne was a member of Team 119(now 708) from South Forsyth High School. He also led South Forsyth's Technology Student Association and FIRST Robotics, Team 4112 Eaglebots. He currently attends the Georgia Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in industrial engineering, and volunteers for VEX and FRC as a referee. Grant's other interests include video games, PC building, and dank memes. He is also the Webmaster.

Drew Ditzler

Drew recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. His concentration study was Automation and Robotic Systems. Originally from Indiana, Drew is an Alumnus of FRC team 1024 the Kil-A-Bytes. With over 8 years of robotics competition experience as a student, he now volunteers with BEST Robotics and FRC events in Georgia.

Michael Foley

Michael is an alumnus from The Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating in 1975 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is the current CEO and Executive Consultant at Gate 6 Solutions Inc. In addition to his role on the Planning Committee, he also volunteers for Georgia FIRST Robotics.

Dennis Jin

Dennis is a freshman at Kennesaw State University studying Mechatronics.

Brandon King

Brandon King is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Southern University, an alumnus of Columbus Space Program, FRC team 4188 and formerly BEST team #8. In their rookie year in BEST, his team won War Eagle BEST and placed 5th overall at South’s BEST, and in the 2017 season of FRC, his team was on the finalist alliance on Einstein, the final field at Championships. He is currently a mentor of both FRC teams 4188 and 3998, as well as a dedicated volunteer for both Georgia FIRST and Georgia BEST. Find him near the field at any event, as he is GA BEST’s Head Referee, and is also a referee for Georgia FIRST competitions.

Jessie Liu

Jessie Liu is an alumna of CircuitRunners Robotics from Wheeler High School. She spent three years competing in BEST, co-leading the team in her senior year and winning 2nd place BEST Award at Georgia BEST. Apart from BEST, she was also a member of the CircuitRunners’ FRC Team 1002, attending the Houston Championships in 2017. Now she's a 2nd year at Georgia Tech studying mechanical engineering. Her other hobbies include music, art, and sleeping.

Liam McNamara

Liam McNamara was a member of Team 119(now 708) from South Forsyth High School. He also lead South Forsyth's FIRST Robotics, Team 4112 Eaglebots, and was Sargent-at-Arms for the school's Technology Student Association . He currently attends Kenessaw State University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in economics, and is also a member of Air Force ROTC.

William Parish

William Parish was a member of Team 119(now 708) from South Forsyth. He was also Treasurer for South Forsyth's Technology Student Association and a member of FIRST Robotics Team 4112. William Parish is in his last year of college, majoring in computer science at Kennessaw State University. He is currently president of ACM, taking 18 credit hours, and working part time at Bridge2 Solutions. In his free time, he works on multiple side projects and companies.

Kasey Settles

Kasey is a Controls Specialist at McKenney's.

Ben Sterling

I'm a person that does stuff sometimes. That's about all that needs to be in my bio

Kristin Weiss

Kristin is an alumna of Fernbank LINKS Robotics and competed in both BEST and FIRST robotics in high school. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in biomedical engineering. Kristin was part of the original group that took over the leadership of BEST back in 2015 and currently has served as a co-director and volunteer coordinator.

Matthew Zacune

Matthew is a student at Auburn University studying Computer Engineering.